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12 Years Artajasa: Mission I'mpossible
Tuesday, 03 April 2012 08:38

Last February 10, 2012, all elements in Artajasa ranging from Board of Commissioners, Directors, Management until Employees gathers in UpperRoom - Annex Building Complex Wisma Nusantara. Apparently on the day, they gathered to commemorate the Birthday of Artajasa which entered the age of 12 years.

The theme of Mission I'mpossible, 12-year anniversary Artajasa began in early February with a few activities that involve all employees Artajasa, which carry several different mission every day. Each mission has a point that will be used to follow the activities of the "Lelang Bersama"at the peak of the event.

Mission I'mpossible meaningful theme itself capable of carrying out a mission that is out of bounds, which are expected through this theme Artajasa colleagues will continue to be motivated in creating incredible innovations in the future, although it is difficult to do.
As if the excitement of 12 years Artajasa, the following report:











Board of Commissioner, Board of Directors and Management Artajasa gathered at the ceremonial 12-year anniversary Artajasa










Sand shadow brought by Mr. Fauzan, one of the sessions interesting and artistic as well as get a rousing applause from the audience who came on the show 12 years Artajasa














Imagine the work of Sand on the theme of the event 12 years Artajasa: Mission I'mpossible









Tandem Band performances enliven Artajasa 12 years









Launching Mynt E-Money to be one session in the event









Lelang Bersama, one of the events anticipated by the audience