[Kegiatan] Sosialisasi Implementasi NSICCS Untuk Anggota ATM Bersama

[Kegiatan] Sosialisasi Implementasi NSICCS Untuk Anggota ATM Bersama
Posted February 23, 2017

As a form of thoughtfulness from Artajasa to bank members of ATM Bersama, the company held socialization implemetation of NSICCS to ATM Bersama Members in Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Jakarta. This was a follow-up from the previous meeting regarding similar topic which Bank Indonesia held last January.

The meeting consisted of reminder for bank members who have not started on implementation of NSICCS. This is a mandatory regulation from central bank through SE BI No: 17/52/DKSP Date 20 December 2015 Concerning National Standard Implementation Chip Technology where Host and Back End System must be done by June 30th this year.

Bank members of ATM Bersama also undertakes the commencement of this implementation within a month after the meeting. Hopefully the implementation processes pass through smoothly so as the entire bank members of ATM Bersama complied with NSICCS within the timeline.